The key to Digital Mining is efficiencies and power.
We have the Quick solution.

Quick stands at the front of the decentralized technology revolution. We operate the premier digital mining platform, designed for customers who demand lightning-fast hashing, dependable infrastructure, and industry-leading chipsets operating at industry low kilowatts per hour

The Quick Solution


Cost Efficient

Long-term purchase contracts with established bio gas and energy providers and expects to lower cost of electricity up to 75% compared to the U.S. national average.



Dielectric fluids combined with our two-phase immersion cooling system have a very low global warming potential, does not deplete ozone, are non-toxic and non-flammable.



Low power cost, higher power density, low overhead, with QPC Smart mining optimization algorithm, Quick aims to be one of the most profitable mining operations in the industry.



Planned thermal management upgrades such as Organic Rankine Cycle system, Quick constantly strives to maintain competitive advantage through technological innovation.


Our Team

  • Henry Bokenham
    Henry Bokenham Financial Advisor
  • Ricardo Faraudo
    Ricardo Faraudo Legal Advisor
  • Anders Johnsson
    Anders Johnsson Technology Advisor
  • Morgan Chapman
    Morgan Chapman Business Advisor
  • Stephen Romania
    Stephen Romania Sales & Business Management
  • Annie Chapman
    Annie Chapman Marketing Development
  • Starneits
    Starneits Blockchain development

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