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Why should I choose Quick?

Simply put: commitment. Commitment is the key to attain success. Our professional team is fully committed to the ultimate goal of financial freedom for the Quick community.

What is the difference between Quick and other mining operations?

Quick is a managed by a professional team that not only understand the technical aspects of mining, but also the business side. Quick is able to leverage team member’s business experience to maximize profitability through continuous technical innovation, lowering overhead, and optimize efficiency.

What are the benefits and advantages of Quick?

In short: Our two-phase immersion technology offers up to 10x the energy density and reduce cooling energy expenditure by up to 95%; all while being environmentally friendly. Our electricity cost is anticipated to be up to 75% less than the U.S. national average. Our QPC Smart AI algorithm continuously monitors market variables in order to determine maxim profitability. Just as in any competitive business enterprise, reducing overhead is crucial to profitability. Our three pronged approach will ensure Quick’s long term profitability and sustainability.

What’s your overall strategy?

Our strategy is straightforward: 1) raise funds, 2) secure long-term power purchase contract, 3) procure the most cost effective mining equipment and install them in custom designed QPC Containers with two-phase immersion technology, 3) set up the hardware in a suitable facility; 4) start mining; 5) distribute what we mine minus our fees to the Quick community.

How will Quick mine cryptocurrency?

Quick will mine cryptocurrency, including bitcoin (BTC) and other SHA-256 based coins, in a facility full of specialized equipment, all the necessary safety and security measures, and ultra-low-cost electricity.

When does mining start?

Based on our current trajectory, mining operations should start in mid-2019.

Which miner will you buy?

We will buy hardware with the best benefit-cost ratio that is specially made to mine bitcoin. These miners are called ASICs, or “application-specific integrated circuit chips”.

How much should I invest?

We would love for as many people to join the Quick Community as possible. However, we cannot advise you on what is the right amount for you to invest, or whether Quick is the right investment for you. Cryptocurrency mining has risks which we were open and candid about in our White Paper. While Quick offers great potential benefits, we encourage you to read the White Paper carefully and consider the risks and benefits before making a decision.

What will be Quick’s impact on global warming?

The fluid used in two-phase immersion technology such as the 3MTM NovecTM Engineered Fluid has a very low global warming potential, does not deplete ozone, is non-toxic and non-flammable. The technology is also extremely thermal efficient which means lower carbon footprint.

When did Quick start?

Quick began in mid-2017 with a group of like-minded professionals who are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency. We developed our initial idea into a viable business plan and set out to achieve our goal!

Is Quick a medium term project?

No, Quick intend to continue its mining operation as long as profitable. We plan to continuously reinvest in mining hardware and thermal solutions upgrades to keep Quick on the cutting edge of mining efficiency and profitability.

Seems like a great plan, but how do we know you can deliver?

Absolutely. In fact, Implementation is already in progress. We already have invested significant time and resources into researching, developing, testing and prototyping the two-phase immersion system; developed Quick Coin; are finalizing our long-term power purchase agreement negotiations; and maintained mining hardware supply readiness.

Why does it take so long to start mining?

Our custom two-phase immersion containers must be constructed then mining equipment installed. After which the site need to be prepared with proper ventilation, and safety and security measures. Our team will work as fast as we can, since we all want to start mining and getting payouts as soon as possible.

What’s your plan for scalability?

Quick has a distinct advantage with our two-phase immersion technology with energy density up to 10x compared to traditional stacking methods. As a result, with significantly reduced space requirements, Quick will be able to scale up quite easily and effectively.

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