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  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen Founder

    World’s foremost authority in direct-to-consumer digital advertising. A serial entrepreneur who currently founded and owns Seven 8 figure and one 9-figure revenue companies. Delivered over $1.5 billion dollars in revenue for it’s clients. Featured as Top 100 most Entrepreneurial Company by Entrepreneur Magazine.

  • Jason Stiles
    Jason Stiles Logistics/Security

    An elite pararescue team leader for the US Air Force. Cofounder of TLH LLC. a solution based company that focuses on the latest technological advancements for environmental sustainability, green technologies and blockchain applications. With experience in start-up environments, strong leads with a resilient focus toward his personal mission to inform, involve and inspire.

  • Henry Bokenham
    Henry Bokenham Financial Advisor

    A senior member at both Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan, Henry established issuance, offering, clearance and listing capabilities in key European jurisdictions including operational, legal and tax coordination. Henry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Quick project.

  • Ricardo Faraudo
    Ricardo Faraudo Legal Advisor

    A corporate and business law expert with 10+ years of experience in public and private section. (focusing Asset protection, estate planning, family planning, tax planning, corporate transactions, shareholder agreements, commercial contracts and conflict resolution between shareholders), Civil Law (Primarily in Real Property Law)

  • Anders Johnsson
    Anders Johnsson Technology Advisor

    20 years’ experience in successfully building IT-infrastructure and applications. Founder of 247 BlockLabs and Maxamera Pty Ltd both leading providers of mobile applications and blockchain developments of custom made decentralized application. Co-founder of Diakrit an industry pioneer in creating digital visualization tools for the real estate sector.

  • Morgan Chapman
    Morgan Chapman Business Advisor

    20 years of International business development. Consulting industry leaders from the top 200 world companies and completing over 10 billion in commodity and precious metal transactions globally. Advisory council at Cryptonomex. Provider of fintech solutions powered by the graphene blockchain technology. Huge believer in team synergy, and international relations.

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores Business Development

    Business developer & algorithmic trader, worked at the intersection of blockchain, quantitative finance, machine learning, and strategic management. Worked for Cryptonomex and Auton.io

  • John L
    John L Project Management

    Significant experience with investment analysis and project management. Worked in int’l business development, asset management, and operation roles for multinational corporations in commodities, infrastructure and energy sector for 10 years.

  • Stephen Romania
    Stephen Romania Sales & Business Management

    Entrepreneur and Investor . 42 years of business development experience in the auto and real estate industry. Stephen brings strong real estate and business networks to support the growth and expansion of Quick mining farms.

  • Heraldas Gendvilas
    Heraldas Gendvilas Digital Marketing

    A digital marketing expert with 5 years of experience. Account management, sales, strategic Planning, and marketing strategy. SEO specialist, Google certified specialist in Adwords., Bing ads professional and social media manager.

  • Annie Chapman
    Annie Chapman Marketing Development

    Acquired a broad range of experience in project and marketing development. Delivers unparalleled marketing solutions in both traditional and digital marketing verticals built on a foundation of data, analytics and strategic.

  • Ean Rodriguez
    Ean Rodriguez Community Management

    knowledgeable and passionate crypto enthusiast with strong marketing campaign asset, as well as multiple networking connection around the world. Ean is focuses on establishing effective communication with and support for the Quick Community.

  • Antonio Montalvo
    Antonio Montalvo Technology Deveopment

    Entrepreneur and technology consultant for more than 15 years. Worked with companies such as Sony, VMWare just to name a few. Technology consultant for multiple startups and blockchain projects. Looking for ways to make the Blockchain more user friendly and sustainable.

  • Starneits
    Starneits Blockchain development

    14 years of experience in broad skill set ranging from full-stack development and distributed computing to blockchain technologies. Love being part of a successful high performing team delivering a positive impact for business on a global scale.

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